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Big Dicks At School with Marc Dylan and Bryce Star

Bryce Star acknowledged that he would definitely film an attractive model this morning, yet when Marc Dylan begins to pose Bryce’s hands and fingers are unable to help but only touch the tight body. Fairly soon hands simply turn into mouth and both model and professional photographer take turns pounding and getting screwed.

Gavin Waters and Marc Dylan – Stinger

Marc Dylan is now obtaining more sunrays at the seashore, soothing and enjoying his day when a blond and toned Gavin Waters falls into the seaside in front of him letting the view increasingly more interesting. Gavin winces uncomfortable and limps from the water, Marc can obviously notice that something is completely wrong and runs over to aid him. Gavin has been injured from a jellyfish on his upper leg. Marc offers his first aid kit to Gavin that is his house close by and helps him from the beach. Heading at Marc’s area he inspects Gavin’s sting, suggesting that to treat Gavin he needs see the wound better and tells Gavin to take off his shorts

Phenix Saint and Marc Dylan in hardcore sex

Office stud Marc Dylan likes to be submissive now and then and today he is ready for some wild action. So he hooks up with escort Phenix Saint to get bossed around and thoroughly fucked in his office. Phenix fucks the sex pig very hard then he shoots his load all over Marc. The porn is rough in true “drillmyhole.com” style

Adam Killian fucking Marc Dylan

US sea marine Marc Dylan have a difficult time getting used to all the rules and regulations in the Navy and unluckily blanks out to do the cleaning on his dinner tray leaving it right in the face of badass Lieutenant Adam Killian – big mistake. Lt. Killian wastes no time at all in telling Marc know his huge army error and crushes the lunch leftovers totally over Marc’s white shirt prior to dictating him to report to Adam’s headquarters. Marc reports to the Lieutenant and are at once ordered to suck the LT’s cock for having a filthy shirt. Ofcoz Killian doesnt stop with only getting his cock sucked.

Marc Dylan gets to have sex with Christian Wilde

Marc Dylan got stranded on the main road and are in need of a ride back home. Shirtless and hopeless he puts out his finger hoping that somebody will pick him up and offer him a lift. Sadly , car after car drives by shirtless Marc until finally Christian Wilde offers up help to this stranded cute hitchhiker. Marc is ever so thankful for the joyride and asks Christian if there’s anything that he couldedn does not need anything in return, he’s just happy to help. It Is not long into the ride before Marc quenchless hole begins to crave, his driver are HOT. Christian makes a fast stop at base prior to he can take Marc to where he wants to go inviting him in, Marc’s hole blinks in expectation…

Cliff Jensen and Marc Dylan having gay sex

Cliff Jensen works from his personal home, only that doesn’t imply he’s slacking off, the fact are Cliff has been doing work such late hours for about 2 weeks now that his pal Marc Dylan barely ever gets to take care of his ass anymore. Cliff was alleged to get together with Marc and a group of their personal friends for a drink or deuce at the local clubhouse this evening, but it has been over 2 hours and Marc are pretty sure that unless he physically wedges his friend to appear he will just work all night. Marc determines to visit Cliff to prompt him how come he should be going out on a Friday night and not staying in.

Marc Dylan Bio

Performer AKA - Chris Gabriel
Ethnicity - Caucasian
Hair Color - Brown
Weight – 180lbs (82kg)
Height – 5′ 10″ (178cm)
Ethnicity – White
Cock Size – 7″ Cut

Although he is directly from a New Jersey aboriginal, porn star babe Marc Dylan is a piece of complete southern hunk through and through. This Mississippi playboy bears the facial expression of the local boy next door, the carven body by an real sexy super hero, and the cock-hungry tight ass of a power bottom. Marc’s love for making porn arrives from his insane show-off side blended with his enjoy for getting his ass fucked hard. The most raving location Marc has had sex is a football field and and his cum-soaking fantasy are to get bound and gang-banged with no mercifulness.

Marc Dylan and Topher Di Maggio

Marc Dylan are in truth obsessed with his mate Topher Di Maggio. Marc has perpetually been getting alot of excuses to be near Topher, even coming up
with a argue to water Topher’s outdoors plants that had just now been watered. Dylan would not generally be behaving like this but Topher is
just soaking with sex appeal causing Marc to freeze down the second Topher faces in his direction. Marc has determined to follow Topher in desires
that he will build up the bravery just to say hi, not to mention ask him to go out. To Topher this damn obsession are posing on one’s own nerves,
he can not even look out a windowpane without catching Marc looking back. Topher, on his dawn jog sees Marc keeping an eye on him on the road,
Topher breaks down running after Marc asking why Marc are stalking him. Topher catches up to Marc pins him against a tree, slamming Marc’s head into his frowsty genitals crying IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED?? – and Marc has always wanted this….