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Marc Dylan and Topher Di Maggio

Marc Dylan are in truth obsessed with his mate Topher Di Maggio. Marc has perpetually been getting alot of excuses to be near Topher, even coming up
with a argue to water Topher’s outdoors plants that had just now been watered. Dylan would not generally be behaving like this but Topher is
just soaking with sex appeal causing Marc to freeze down the second Topher faces in his direction. Marc has determined to follow Topher in desires
that he will build up the bravery just to say hi, not to mention ask him to go out. To Topher this damn obsession are posing on one’s own nerves,
he can not even look out a windowpane without catching Marc looking back. Topher, on his dawn jog sees Marc keeping an eye on him on the road,
Topher breaks down running after Marc asking why Marc are stalking him. Topher catches up to Marc pins him against a tree, slamming Marc’s head into his frowsty genitals crying IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED?? – and Marc has always wanted this….

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